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Ghosts Of War


Date listed: 13/6/2020

The enemy isn't out there. It's in here...

World War II. A group of American soldiers encounter a supernatural enemy as they occupy a French castle previously under Nazi control.
Review of Ghosts of War by Peter Walkden

Set in 1944 in France, WW II is coming to an end. This film follows five American Soldiers who are travelling to their new assignment. Their assignment is to go to a big mansion and stand guard, replacing the previous American soldiers who were watching over. Upon arriving, the mansion looks generally neat, and stunning. Upon entering the five soldiers discover the last team watching the place could not be keener to leave.

But as the new team begin to take over managing the mansion, they begin to discover some very unusual activity within the mansion walls. Now, these trained men must battle a new enemy that seems more terrifying than anything they have encountered before.

The setup of this film is excellent, and I genuinely found it to be pleasing. We witness the soldiers travelling through a battlefield and encountering a few threats along the way. But it is the skills and relationship our five soldiers have with each other that was the best to watch.

The leading characters enter the house and try to fulfil their orders. It is not long until many strange things began to occur. The soldiers have visions, have odd accidents, and hear noises within the mansion. The sound mixing for Ghost of Wars is also excellent.

The director of this film, Eric Bress. Eric, who has one directional credit to his resume- the creative and dramatic film, The Butterfly Effect from 2004. Ghosts of War is undoubtedly classed as a horror film more than an epic war film.

Overall, Ghosts of War is a great concept. It is also a new type of horror film. The film held my interest with impressive visuals and more importantly, a stunning audio track. Horror fans should most definitely check this one out!

Peter has written this review for Sanity. See more from Peter here

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