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Amazonia Urine Absorbing Agent Sos 250ml


Date listed: 12/6/2020

Amazonia Urine Absorbing Agent Sos 250ml Pet: Dog Category: Dog Supplies Size: 0.2kg
Rich Description: Amazonia Pet Care brings the biodiverse goodness of the Amazonian rainforest to you with their innovative natural line of pet products. Amazonia Pet Care uses the flourishing gifts of the rainforest to bring together a wealth of natural ingredients which nourish protect regenerate and soothe fur and skin. The Amazonian essence is conservationally focused and sustainably sourced. At Amaznia Pet Care nature is a source of solace inspiration adventure and delight.

Natural urineabsorbing gel
Turns any liquid into a powder which can then be vacuumed up
Natural and nontoxic
Tearfree parabenfree dyefree

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