21 January - 19 February

How can you improve yourself if you don't copy the example of successful people before you' You have to be willing to act on the advice of others even if at the time it sounds a little far-fetched and you don't necessarily have the confidence in yourself to think that big. Success is a science and you need to study this if you're going to attain the heights you've previously only dreamed of. Make these dreams a reality. Study how successful people get there. That's the first step two achieving success.


20 February - 20 March

You may become too engaged in a verbal assault trying to justify your position. You'll make more enemies over and above the person you are at odds with. Try to make friends and allies at the moment. Some of your professional maneuvers in the coming weeks require the assistance of people you hardly thought were a part of your plan. Partnerships are intense Right now. You mustn't let people steamroll you. Digging deeper for some diplomacy in your arsenal is a test of integrity today.


21 March - 20 April

It's time to make some firm, permanent decisions about the sort of people you want in your life from here on in. The calibre of person you spend your life with reflects the energy of your desires and karmic choices. Fortunately, someone you admire, who may have been less than compromising, may have a change of heart for the better. You may become aware you are opposing some of your children's habits and activities. Allow them the independence and freedom to grow.


21 April - 21 May

You may be reminiscing about past, relationships and drawing some analogies or even comparisons with those you've chosen to be in relationship with now. That's a slippery slope because no one is ever going to offer you everything in one package' It's a matter of looking for the good in yourself and others and accepting that is humans we have flaws of nature and personality traits that don't always satisfy is 100'. Acceptance is an important part of your life lesson at the moment and although it's not easy, sustaining the effort will be worth it in the end.


22 May - 21 June

Tried and tested methods are frustrating and simply aren't working for you. You are either not using them correctly or there are other factors you've overlooked. You have to be intelligent enough to know when the tools you are using an appropriate to the specific problem that you are confronted with. The good news is that you may not have to try all that hard now with some fortunate planetary aspects shining upon you currently. You do however need to deviate from the norm skills so that success becomes uniquely yours.


22 June - 23 July

Your mind is heavy now as you try to fit in with people's expectations, particularly those you may be on long-term relationships with. You need to act like everyone else but be uniquely your person. This may be difficult but with practice, you'll work it out and at the same time, you won't necessarily ruffle any feathers. You have your comfort zone rattled now but only momentarily as you realise that some of the uncomfortable circumstances you find yourself in are going to help you grow as a person.


24 July - 23 August

People are always watching even though you may think they aren't. Your behaviour now should act as a template for others, a model which is impeccable and beyond reproach. You may, at some time, be asked to explain your actions and to justify why you've done things the way you have. Therefore, integrity is your keyword today. Keeping your emotions under some sort of control all especially when things go your way. You will have a more far-reaching effect than you imagine. Think twice before you speak and act.


24 August - 23 September

Is it the food or the company you're keeping making you queasy' Sometimes it's difficult to decide. If it's an occasion you can't easily wriggle out of, you'll just have to deal with it. You've overcome some anger associated with your work. You can now get on with the job of focusing on the job rather than people. Having to handle people with large egos requires you to inflate yours a little more, simply to deal with them. You have a desire to expand your mind through new studies and ideas.


24 September - 23 October

When in doubt, turn on the charm. Your social and your domestic life should start to lift considerably in the coming months. You will experience a great sense of accomplishment. You may be able to get by with little effort as you start to use your charisma and powers of persuasion to overcome obstacles. The only difficulty is that your character flaws may get conveniently overlooked. They may, however, become apparent later. The important takeaway from this is' be able to deliver what you promise.


24 October - 22 November

You may travel somewhere reluctantly because you feel a sense of obligation to someone. You needn't but the pressure could be mounting for you to bite the bullet and do so. Sometimes there's just no way out of it. You will more than likely weaken under pressure. Being in public today may be uncomfortable for you as well. You have more important and private things to do. There may be no way of escaping these responsibilities. This is one of those times where you may just not be able to take a rain-check.


23 November - 22 December

If you feel that someone in your work is unapproachable you need to sidestep the issue and postpone discussions for a better time. Don't push. You need to flow with the situation. Maybe you don't have the courage to address these issues, feeling you might stir up a hornet's nest. These feelings will brew and seethe, and you'll vent your feelings somehow in the future in a less appropriate manner. Take a breather but don't postpone the inevitable forever. That will only complicate things and make you unnecessarily worried.


23 December - 20 January

Your workload can be more manageable if you take the precaution of organising your diary more effectively. By saying yes to too many people you run the risk of undermining yourself and not completing tasks or meeting deadlines. There are a few which are due very shortly. You want to help others but may have to politely refuse their requests. Socially, there's an opportunity to take your relationship to a new level. You may have to re-arrange your plan and postpone an outing or trip. Confirm everything beforehand today.

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