-2.1C! Icy blast sends a chill through southeast


SOUTHEAST Queensland has woken to a freezing start to the week, with temperatures as low as -2.1C in places.

Applethorpe was the coldest place in the state this morning, with a low of -2.1C but there were a number of other places in the region that faced below-freezing temperatures.

Oakey and Dalby, west of Toowoomba, both had frosty starts to the day, with temperatures of -1.2C and -0.3C respectively.

In Warwick, residents woke to a frosty -1.1C, while Wellcamp Airport in Toowoomba recorded a temperature of -1.4C at 5.20am.

Further north, Kingaroy was also on the receiving end of below-freezing temperatures, with the mercury plummetting to -0.5C.

Closer to the coast, things were a little warmer, with Brisbane experiencing a relatively balmy 8.1C, while it was 6.9C at Coolangatta and 5.9C at Nambour.

Originally published as -2.1C! Icy blast sends a chill through southeast