Builders call for election focus on affordable housing

THE Queensland Master Builders Association has called for the state election to focus on improving the housing construction industry following the release of startling figures.

The Master Builders deputy executive director Paul Bidwell said while recently-released figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed housing approvals were up in November across Queensland; areas in northern parts of the state were falling by more than 30%.

"North Queensland and Far North Queensland took the biggest hits, with dwelling approvals falling 38.7% and 31.9%, respectively from the previous month," Mr Bidwell said.

"With the State Election approaching, Master Builders is calling on all parties to commit to initiatives that will chart a course for growth in the building and construction industry."

He said they wanted parties to commit to initiatives to help grow the building and construction industry, including stimulating demand for new construction, providing affordable housing, winding back the "prescriptive approach" to health and safety, and improving the capacity of contractors to better manage construction risk.

"These actions will go a long way to addressing a number of constraints that continue to plague the industry," Mr Bidwell said. - APN NEWSDESK


Sunshine Coast:

  • A total 286 homes approved in November
  • 271 approvals in October.
  • 5.5% growth between October and November
  • Approvals up 33.8% during the past year

Darling Downs and South West:

  • A total 116 homes approved in November
  • 124 approvals in October
  • Down 6.5% between October and November
  • Approvals up 7.3% during the past year

Wide Bay:

  • A total 124 homes approved in November
  • 121 approvals in October
  • 2.5% growth between October and November
  • Approvals up 12.9% during the past year

Central Queensland:

  • A total 76 homes approved in November
  • 97 approvals in October
  • Down 21.6% between October and November
  • Approvals down 50.3% during the past year


  • A total 67 homes approved in November
  • 62 approved in October
  • Approvals up 8.1% between October and November
  • Approvals down 55.3% during the past year