Call made for Australia to ban bird cages

A BIRD behaviourist has called on Australia to follow India's lead and ban bird cages.

The Delhi High Court this week found birds had a fundamental right to "live with dignity" and that human beings had "no right to keep them in small cages".

Melbourne-based activist Paris Yves said bird-trading expos were some of the worst offenders against birds' rights to fly.

She called on the Federal Government to ban the sale of birds and to review the "paltry" welfare laws for caged birds.

"Companion birds are forced by owners, pet shops and bird breeding mills and breeder bird sales to live their lives in small cages and not fly," she said.

"There are no laws to protect birds here, only codes of conduct that are authorised by the state governments to be drafted by the same bird breeders and bird associations who have been guilty of bird abuse and neglect for at least 30 years."

Ms Yves is the head of the Let Companion Birds Fly activist group, and has started a petition calling for AFL Footy Show host Garry Lyon to apologise for kicking a pretend cat during a recent skit. -APN NEWSDESK