A thrill seeker wings it for fun

A NEW and extreme sport is sweeping coastal skies.

'Crow gliding' is a risky and breezy answer to snowboarding and sees our black feathered friends hitching a ride on unsuspecting hang-gliders.

So far there hasn't been many people able to capture these birds in action but Noosa's Mike Drinkwater was able to snap a shot (pictured) when he was photographing sea eagles at Sunshine Beach.

Mr Drinkwater said at first he had no idea what the bird was trying to do but after he rode the hang-glider for a few seconds, flew off and then jumped on again, it was clear he was just having fun.

"The crow was riding on the edge of the hang-glider," he said.

"I grabbed my camera to take a closer look - I was amazed.

"He was surfing the sky. He was probably thinking 'I reckon I can land on this'."

The cartoonist who dabbles in photography said he never imagined he would snap such an unusual shot. "I was there to photograph a different type of bird," he said.

"But the crow ended up stealing the show."