Abbott and Hanson share cozy pre-parliament sit down

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Abbott has paid a visit to the office of newly elected Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson and told her: "there are half-a-million people who voted for you and you'll be a strong voice for their concern."

In a video posted on Ms Hanson's Facebook page the pair are depicted sitting together on a couch in Hanson's office with the woman who once blamed Abbott for her imprisonment saying it was nice of him to visit her for a coffee and a chat. 


The pair haven't always gotten along so well - in July Hanson blamed former PMs John Howard and Tony Abbott for her imprisonment in 2003 - the decision which saw her incarcerated related to electoral fraud and was later reversed. 

"It was a sham. The whole thing was an absolute political witch-hunt to destroy me," she said in an interview filmed for a documentary. 

"I just felt everything was stripped away from me and how the people perceived me but I think what was more important is what my kids went through.

"It took me a long time to get over it. I blame Tony Abbott, John Howard for my imprisonment and no one will ever change my opinion about that."

However today it seemed perhaps her view were proving a touch more fluid than she first thought. 

"I really appreciate you coming to my office and saying hello and welcoming me to the Parliament and we've ha d a bit of a chat and we've had a cup of coffee and it's great and I really do appreciate that Tony," Ms Hanson said in the video.

The reception the new pairing received on Ms Hanson's Facebook page was perhaps less glowing. 

"He's a lying snake in the grass. You two make a lovely couple," Gillian Elliot posted.