‘Absolute carnage’ as dogs maul wildlife

Dogs savaged and killed 26 wallabies in "absolute carnage" at a sports ground in Cairns overnight.

In the latest attack, animal lovers found Agile wallabies with their throats torn out and still alive joeys in their pouches along a fence line at the Trinity Beach sporting complex this morning.

It comes after 49 wallabies were found dead - some foaming at the mouth - at the same site with fears they had been poisoned last month.

Wildlife carer Shai Ager, of the Agile Project, fought back tears as she cradled two tiny joeys.

"I'm totally devastated,'' the 21-year-old ecologist said.

"It's heartbreaking. There are just so many dead animals. They've all been mauled to death by dogs. It's absolute carnage.''

It is unknown if the dog owner was present as at least two pig hunting dogs, captured on security camera, went on the frenzied attack.

The agile wallaby population at Trinity Beach, increasingly hemmed in by urban sprawl and new housing developments in the popular suburb, have been targeted before by "rednecks" using air rifles, hunting bows, and spears.

One of the wallabies. Picture: Peter Michael
One of the wallabies. Picture: Peter Michael

Hundreds of wallabies live at the sports grounds and are a popular draw card for passing tourists but also frequently fall victim to cars.

Environment department and Cairns Regional Council staff are investigating the latest dog attacks and wallaby deaths.

Ms Ager founded the Agile Project in October 2017, and joined by 150 fellow volunteers, the group has cared for "dozens and dozens" of orphaned joeys.

The Agile Project began Queensland-first legal action to relocate the wallaby population from Trinity Beach to two new properties north of Cairns.

But the move is opposed by the Queensland Government.

"It's terrible to think, but there are only two solutions, either they are relocated or they must be humanely culled,'' a Trinity Beach local said.

"This endless carnage has to stop.''

The Agile Project's legal action is due to begin in Cairns District Court on October 28.

Dogs killed 26 agile wallabies. Picture: Peter Michael
Dogs killed 26 agile wallabies. Picture: Peter Michael