AEU says education bill lacks detail

ALL levels of government need to pay more than just lip service to the urgent need for school funding reform, the Australian Education Union will tell a parliamentary inquiry today.

The union will front an inquiry today, which is looking into the Federal Government's Australian Education Bill.

While the AEU and other groups have criticised the lack of detail in the bill, the government says it provides a legal platform to work from to start school funding reforms.

In a submission to the inquiry, the AEU wrote it was also concerned the bill did not provide specific details on how much money state and territory government would need to contribute to the reform.

It also criticised a lack of a formula to determine how school funding reforms will be funded.

The union also wrote introducing real funding in the May budget was "vital to the interests of our children, our communities and the prosperity and opportunities of the nation".

A hearing on the bill will be held in Sydney today, with the union among those to front the inquiry.