Malcolm Turnbull or Peter Dutton?
Malcolm Turnbull or Peter Dutton?

The only MPs talking any sense

MALCOLM Turnbull has been hit with further blows this morning with two of his Ministers officially resigning.

The Liberals' leadership uncertainty has entered its third day after a shambolic night.

MPs linked to contender Peter Dutton attempted to launch a petition forcing Mr Turnbull into a late night showdown.

It was a fizzer which only managed to antagonise some Liberals.

As the leadership challenge entered its fourth day, some tired and cold Liberal MPs were asked their thoughts as they left Parliament House last night.

They were asked about a mystery petition started by Peter Dutton supporters that hoped to gain enough signatures and force Malcolm Turnbull to call a party meeting.

But through all this madness, two Liberal MPs provided a bit of common sense.

Jane Prentice, the Liberal MP for the Melbourne seat of Ryan, was more worried about being "freezing" in the Canberra winter as she went home last night than another spill.

"My message to everyone - think about the Australian people and stop thinking about yourselves," she said.

Pressed further by reporters she replied again: "I think people should stop thinking about themselves and think about the people of Australia. Thank you."

It was something backed up by Queensland Liberal MP Warren Entsch.

"We had a vote the other day," he said in regards to the spill won 48-35 by Mr Turnbull.

"Let's just move on. That's my view. Just move on. There's lots of things we've got to do.

"Lots of things we've got to resolve. I think we can't just keep going from this sort of nonsense … It doesn't do anything for any of us.

"As far as I'm concerned, tomorrow, let's continue to focus on things that the Australian public want to know about - and it's not about us."