Agent’s grim tale a warning to desperate homebuyers


A real estate agent has warned young couples of the dangers of door knocking homes to find prospective sellers after she was attacked in a Gold Coast street.

Oxbridge real estate agent Mia Ritchie now only places business cards in letter boxes to approach owners of houses that fit the specifications of a client after a terrifying incident.

She changed her modus operandi of approaching prospective sellers after a man started "attacking" her as she walked along Sidney Nolan Drive, Coombabah.

Ms Ritchie said she approached the man as he emptied his letterbox.

"I was door knocking in the area and he was getting mail from his mailbox and I introduced myself and that I was looking for properties in the area," Ms Ritchie said.


Sydney Nolan Drive, Coombabah, where the incident occurred. Picture: Google Maps
Sydney Nolan Drive, Coombabah, where the incident occurred. Picture: Google Maps


"He then verbally attacked me. I had not even door knocked his house.

"I was on the footpath."

Ms Ritchie said she walked off and thought that would be the end of it.

To her shock, he later crossed the road and started abusing her again but this time he brought company.

"I was returning on the other side of the road and he came across, together with an older man, and they started attacking me again," she said.

"I called a friend's son who was a cop, saying I was afraid this person would hit me.

"He was yelling and very aggressive and you wonder whether he was drunk.

"I never knocked on his door."

The incident occurred about a year ago and it was enough to stop Ms Ritchie ever door knocking random homes again.

"I stopped door knocking. Now I just drop off a business card," she said.

"I never want to encounter someone like him again."