Airport engineer injured by 'indirect' lightning strike

RUNNING MAN: Caught and aptly named by many photographers around Bundaberg in the recent storms. Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail
The engineer was working on a helicopter at the Toowoomba Airport. Paul Donaldson

AN ENGINEER has been taken to hospital after being "indirectly" stuck by lightning, reports say.

The engineer was working on a helicopter at the Toowoomba Airport when the incident occurred.

A brief yet ferocious storm swept across the city this afternoon which followed a heavy downpour last night.

Thousands of lightning strikes were recorded across the region in last night's storm activity.

The condition of the engineer is not yet known.

Safety tips

With more storms predicted in Toowoomba tonight, and lightning expected, the following storm safety tips should be noted.

During electricity storms if you are in a building close windows and doors and keep away from windows, doors and fireplaces.

Don't go outside unless it is absolutely necessary.

Before a storm hits unplug appliances including radio, television and computers and do not touch electrical items or telephones during the storm.

Do not take a bath, both water and metal are electrical conductors.

If you are outside get inside vehicle or building if possible.

Avoid water and objects that conduct electricity (eg. golf clubs, umbrellas, metal fences).

Do not stay in open space or under tall objects (trees, poles).

If no shelter is available crouch down, feet close together with head tucked down. If in a group spread out, keeping people several metres apart.

Remember, lightning victims can be revived with CPR even though there is no pulse.

If you are in a vehicle stay in vehicle with windows closed.

Avoid touching metal parts of vehicle.

Do not drive, wait. But don't park under trees or other tall objects that may fall over in storm.

Be wary of downed power lines that may be touching your car.

You should be safe in the car but may receive a shock if you step outside.