Sonia Newby and Mark Merrin have been accused of drug trafficking.
Sonia Newby and Mark Merrin have been accused of drug trafficking.

Alleged dealers bought fake boobs in cash splurge

TWO women linked to a drug syndicate used dirty money to pay for their expensive boob jobs, detectives will allege.

Mark Merrin and Sonia Marie Newby are alleged to have been the major players in a cannabis syndicate, both charged with a string of drug offences including trafficking and money laundering.

Destani-Jo Matthews, who is Newby's daughter-in-law according to her Instagram profile, is charged with one count of money laundering and appeared in Townsville Magistrates Court yesterday.

Police will allege Newby underwent cosmetic surgery in August 2019 with Matthews also enhancing her chest.

"During the search police located invoices from Townsville plastic surgery for $12,000 breast implants. Merrin stated that these were a gift to Newby from him," court documents read.

Court documents reveal Merrin and Newby allegedly leased a Porsche sports car valued at $600 a day, stayed in luxury accommodation and dined at restaurants with one bill costing them $700 when they visited Melbourne in February.

Police allege they lived the "high life" and were seen to "recklessly spending large amounts of money" on designer clothing, jewellery and other lavish items.

It is alleged the pair had numerous bank accounts that they deposited between $500 and $4000 at a time.

Merrin and Newby were arrested in September just days out from their wedding after a lengthy investigation by detectives.

They allegedly had more than 40 customers they were supplying drugs to on a regular basis.

Merrin and Newby lived in a Department of Housing property, which they allegedly sold drugs from, court documents state.

Newby received Centrelink payments while Merrin owned a business called S & M Amusement Hire.

The business operated between one to three days a week and serviced up to eight customers in that time, detectives allege.

"During an interview with the defendant, he stated that on average, the business would make approximately $300-400 per week after paying rent and wages," documents state.

It is alleged Merrin and Newby were found with jewellery, designer clothes, footwear and brands such as Louis Vuitton and Versace.

Police alleged the items were purchased with the proceeds of crime as neither had the lawful means to be able to afford the items.

Newby's son Corrin Vincent Kevin Newby is also charged with drug offences. He will next appear before the court on November 22.

Matthews, Sonia Newby and Merrin, all of whom are on bail, will be mentioned in court in February 2020.