Anna's Bachelor gamble has paid off.
Anna's Bachelor gamble has paid off.

Anna: I put my career on the line for The Bachelor

THE Bachelor winner Anna Heinrich had reservations about going on the show.

The 26-year-old said the show was not a "normal" situation to meet a guy and the initial cocktail party where she was one of 25 women to meet Tim was overwhelming.

"When I met the 24 girls that I was competing against that's when it really hit me and I kind of said 'what the hell am I doing here?'," she told APN.

"I never ever, ever thought that I would go on a reality TV show."

Working as a criminal lawyer in Sydney, Heinrich said she had a job to go back to but worried about how she would be perceived professionally after going on the show.

"I was in court the other day and I could see people on the side looking through the registry, peeking out at me, and I was like this is an extremely uncomfortable situation," she said.

"Maybe just because of my profession I struggle when I'm at work because people probably don't take me very seriously anymore.

"I questioned whether or not I should go on the show because of that, but for whatever reason I stuck by it and said' I'm going to do it'."

The gamble has paid off, with Heinrich and Robards' romance still going strong nearly two months after the show finished filming.

The Bachelor finalist Anna in a scene from the show. Supplied by Network Ten.
Anna was the one to lasso Tim's heart.

"I've just wanted to get out there and be with Tim," she said.

"We've obviously been seeing each other since the show finished and we speak to each other on the phone every day and we text all the time.

"I'm just so happy now I can say that we're together and we're really in love and excited for the start of this new chapter."

While she's tried to stay away from social media while the show's been on air, Heinrich said she was fed up with the rumour mill.

"I'm so sick of people and rumours saying that we're not together and he's gone back to his ex," she said.

"He never went back to his ex. He never went overseas to see her. It was all lies."

So far their relationship has passed the "real world" test.

"I think if you really get to know the person on the show and they are being true to themselves then you shouldn't be surprised when you get out into the real world because they're still going to be the same person," she said.

Tim faces the eliminated "bachelorettes" for a final grilling tonight in The Bachelor After The Final Rose special at 7.30pm on Ten.