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“Are you prepared to have kids who aren’t white?”

A DISAPPROVING Ukrainian mother has objected to her daughter's decision to marry her Indian fiance, asking: "Are you prepared to have kids who aren't white?"

In tense scenes on Monday night's episode, viewers watched as Marina's Ukrainian mum Natalia told her daughter why she didn't support her marriage to Indian partner Donny.

"Indian men behaviour changes after marriage - (and) not for the best. To the worst," Natalia told her daughter. "Just respect. 'Because this is my wife', whatever. Taking (their) wife for granted. 'You are my wife now'. No, '(hello) darling'. No kissing. No jewellery. Just, 'Bring me this. Bring me that'."

“Indian men’s behaviour changes after marriage” ... Natalia shares her views.
“Indian men’s behaviour changes after marriage” ... Natalia shares her views. Channel 7

Marina also shared: "One of the hurtful things she (Natalia) said to me was am I prepared to have children with Donny that were not white coloured skin?"

Marina admits she has two options: To either break up with the man she loves or choose Donovan over her mother.

In an attempt to change his mother-in-law's feelings, Donny confronted Natalia in an attempt to ask her "if there was an issue with the colour of my skin and the colour of my kids".

"I had my concerns when you just first started dating my daughter," she told him. "Basically, arranged marriages was my biggest concern. My last concern was Indian husbands after marriage, they change their behaviour towards their wives. Treating them like servants. Becoming narcissistic. I just thought, what do you think about it?"

"Well, I can't speak on behalf of all Indian men. Men are men in general," Donny replies.

Getting to the brunt of the issue, Donny asked Natalia about her concerns for her future grandchildren.

"Marina told me about this concern about your grandchildren, that's when I was like, 'Whoa really?' That's too much for me. And it was at that moment I certainly doubted my relationship with Marina," he admitted. "I don't really want my kids coming into an atmosphere like that. Being concerned or being worried about things."

"Yes, I do worry and I think if it happens it will break our hearts," Natalia told him.

Not wanting to discuss it further, Natalia told producers "it's enough" and promptly ended their discussion.

Whether Natalia will be involved in the wedding remains unresolved.

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