Driver lies after crash. Picture: Facebook
Driver lies after crash. Picture: Facebook

'Arrogant' driver's lie after crash

A driver has been branded "selfish" and "arrogant" after reportedly lying to his insurance company and trying to pin a crash, which was clearly his fault, on someone else.

Footage of the incident was posted to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page and shows the owner of the dashcam following a black 4WD through an intersection on a Queensland road.

Both drivers then attempt to make a right turn, with the 4WD going first.

Just after turning onto the street the 4WD owner suddenly stops in the middle of the road and reverses, smashing into the dashcam owner's car.

For those watching the footage it seems to be pretty clear that the 4WD owner is at fault but apparently that is not what he tried to tell the insurance company.

"He tried to tell the insurance that I went to overtake him further down the road despite me telling him 3 times that I had a dash cam," the other driver claimed.

Facebook users were quick to call out the driver's sneaky tactics and slam him for not owning up to his mistakes.

"Amazing how dishonest and selfish people can be. Would be nice to see insurance companies penalise these liars," one person said.

"I guess the dash cam just paid for itself," another said.

Others thought the driver reversed on purpose.

"That was a deliberate reversal. No doubt at all. What an arrogant 4wd driver," one said.