Aussie Day trauma: 'The bone was sticking out'

AN IPSWICH man has been left with a gruesome reminder of an Australia Day pool party.

Springfield fork lift driver Aidan Cusack lost the tip of his right finger when he was "crash tackled" through a pool fence at a Ferny Grove house on January 26, 2018.

Brendan Rhys Jones pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in Brisbane District Court to one charge of grievous bodily harm with Mr Jones indicating he acted in self defence.

The court heard that the pair had never met before but had gotten into an argument at the pool party after Mr Cusack, who was having a cigarette with his girlfriend, refused to drink tequila with Mr Jones.

"He said 'Are you pussy whipped? ... are you going to listen to that bitch'?" Mr Cusack told the jury.

Mr Jones walked away but later grabbed him and the pair fell through the fence, the court heard.  

"He was holding me by the throat. His fist was raised. I don't remember him punching me," Mr Cusack said. 

"I've stood up and I just realised I was bleeding pretty bad.

"I remember trying to wipe my eyes and I was covered in blood."

"I didn't realise the top of my finger was off until halfway to the hospital.

"When we got there the bone was sticking out.

Mr Cusack was driven to hospital where he received six stitches on his eyebrow, lost the tip of his right pinkie finger and later required surgery for injuries to his wrist. 

His finger could not be reattached.

Defence barrister Geoff Seaholme said his client had acted in self defence and asked Mr Cusack he had struck the first blow and punched Mr Jones.

Mr Cusack rejected this suggestion. 

The trial continues under Judge Ray Rinaudo. - NewsRegional