The first B Kinder Day will be held on June 22 at Arndell Anglican School in NSW in honour of Billie Kinder.
The first B Kinder Day will be held on June 22 at Arndell Anglican School in NSW in honour of Billie Kinder. Contributed.

B Kinder Day honours memory of former Whitsunday local

BILLIE Kinder was described as "happy, vibrant, talented and dedicated” and even now, her legacy continues to bring warmth and kindness to others through B Kinder Day.

Billie was only 12 when she died in a freak horse-riding accident. Her family were well known members of the Whitsunday community before moving to New South Wales (NSW).

Billie and her sister were students at Cannonvale State School and St Catherine's Catholic College.

Mother of Billie, Danny Mayson-Kinder, said that a B Kinder Day would be held at Arndell Anglican College in NSW on June 22 with possible expansion into Queensland schools.

"I am hoping to get this day into as many schools as possible, with a view to it becoming an annual day in all schools, not only in NSW and QLD but Australia wide,” Ms Mayson-Kinder said.

"The purpose of this day will be to discuss kindness, empower the children and enable them to see they each have the capacity to make a difference in the world.”

The teachers will present a relevant exercise or project for each grade or class that is participating. Ms Mayson-Kinder said she was also hoping to provide each student with a Fly High Billie greeting card.

The final logo for Be Kinder Day.
The final logo for Be Kinder Day. Danny Mayson-Kinder

"The idea of this is to let the children know you don't always have to be with people to let them know you are thinking of them,” she said.

The students would get the opportunity to write a letter or draw a picture for someone they care about who is not at the school, then take the cards home and post them creating a "rippling effect of kindness”.

Ms Mayson-Kinder said she hoped that everyone, not just schools, would participate in B Kinder day.

"We want to ask everyone to participate, however small in an act of kindness on June 22 and then let us know what they did on the Fly High Billie Facebook or Instagram page,” she said.

"It can be as small a gesture as smiling at someone, to making dinner for someone, to giving a gift to a homeless person.

"I am hoping that the Education Minister will pick up on B Kinder Day and we can get it as an annual day into all schools, not just in NSW but nationally and eventually globally.”

Whitsunday locals are encouraged to participate in B Kinder Day and spread kindness in honour of Billie. T-shirts for the event can be purchased via email:

More information can be found at the organisation's website.