Courtney Dober in a scene from The Bachelorette.
Courtney Dober in a scene from The Bachelorette. Channel 10

The Bachelorette: Courtney too slow for Georgia's love train

COURTNEY Dober admits he couldn't keep up with the pace of The Bachelorette.

The Sydneysider was eliminated from the reality dating show tonight after refusing to tell Georgia Love he loved her after introducer her to his family on their hometown date.

"We got to the point where Georgia very much wanted to know if I could fall in love with her by the end of the show," Dober told APN.

"I didn't want to tell her any lies or have my feelings be exaggerated by the situation we were in. I told her I was very much in like with her but I couldn't look her in the eyes at that moment and tell her that I loved her.

"We had three dates. How many people can tell someone they love them after three dates?"

The 30-year-old industrial designer said he was very conscious of the potential pitfalls of the show and living in the 'Bachelorette bubble'.

"We were very attracted to each other. We had a very unique connection and we both could see ourselves in the real world being in a relationship," he said.

"But on the flip side of that you had to have this very serious conversation about where our feelings were at to progress further on this bloody show.

"I decided going into it to be open and honest and not be fooled and moulded by the fairy tale that we were in. I would have hated to have told Georgia that I loved her just purely for entertainment and TV purposes, and for her to believe the words that were coming out of my mouth.

"It was something that kept me awake at night, you know, are the feelings I have for Georgia genuine or are they being clouded by the situation we were in?"

Dober couldn't pick out a front runner from the show's remaining there bachelors: Matty J, Lee and Jake.

"The three of them are completely different," he said. "It will come down to what sort of person Georgia ultimately likes."

He also had some wise words of advice for any men thinking about applying for the next season of the show.

"One thing I learned about myself is I am someone who needs extra time to fall in love," he said.

"If you're thinking of applying then make sure you are the kind of person who wears their heart on their sleeve and is open to that level of feeling an emotion in such a short period of time."

The final two episodes of The Bachelorette air next week on Channel 10.