DRINK DRIVING: Extreme reading at Curra
DRINK DRIVING: Extreme reading at Curra Max Fleet

Bad park not such a bad effort, at .256 per cent

A VICTORIAN man's "precarious" parking of his car in Harvey Siding Rd at Curra was not such a bad effort, in view of his blood alcohol content.

Peter John Inches, 43, of the Melbourne suburb of Mernda, pleaded guilty in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday to driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol content of .256 per cent, on March 11 at Curra.

His car was parked in someone else's driveway when he was first drawn to police attention.

The resident called police to report the presence of an intoxicated male.

Officers found several beer containers near the car when they investigated, the court was told.

Inches had then driven off, but police found a vehicle parked "in a precarious position" at the side of Harvey Siding Road about 9pm.

They also noticed an empty beer can identical to those found near where Inches had parked in the Curra resident's driveway.

Questioned by police, he said he had consumed "about 20 beers", the prosecutor said.

Police also noted all seats in the car, other than the driver's seat, were "piled high with belongings", leaving only the driver's seat available for any occupant of the vehicle.

"Why did you do this?" magistrate Stephen Courtney asked.

Inches replied, as he appeared in the court by telephone: "I am extremely ashamed of myself.

"I'm grateful no one was killed or injured.

"I've struggled with alcohol for years."

Inches said he had attended Alcoholics Anonymous regularly, and with success, but had started to drink again at Christmas time.

"I started out having a few drinks with workmates and lost control," he said.

Mr Courtney fined him $1500, disqualified him from driving for 18 months and wished him good luck.