Alison Waters is the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for the federal seat of Page.
Alison Waters is the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for the federal seat of Page. Animal Justice Party

Baird backflip inspires animal advocacy

A CRUSHING backflip by Mike Baird was the catalyst for one Page candidate entering the political sphere.

Alison Waters decided to join the Animal Justice Party in 2016 after seeing the then Liberal premier reverse his decision to ban greyhound racing.

"The information to come out of that, like the killing of greyhounds that weren't good enough, made the enquiry into the greyhound industry so compelling and so horrific," she said.

"We thought that was a great decision and at the time we were elated, so when it was overturned it was crushing.

"I realised then that animals needed a voice and I could put my energy into that."

The experience led to Ms Waters running in both the 2019 state and federal elections. She said while she is realistic about her chances locally, she is confident the party can build on recent growth.

"I think I have come in at a good time, the movement has been growing and there is real momentum," she said.

"We know there is an opportunity to make huge changes for animals through the parliamentary system and that's where I am putting my energy.

"I am running to promote the issues but also to promote Angela Pollard, our candidate in the Senate."

Recently the organisation behind the Aussie Farms Map attracted criticism for posting the addresses of farms, but Ms Waters said there was value in the websites, which highlighted the methods used in large scale factory farming.

"I am not anti-farmer, clearly they provide the food we eat, but we need to recognise that how we have done things in the past is not necessarily the way we should continue," she said.

"What is going on in factory farming is legal, but needless and unnecessary. Is it right to pull out the teeth and cut off the tails of piglets?

"We should ask ourselves whether that is the way we want to treat sentient beings."

Who will you vote for in Page at the 2019 Federal election?

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FIONA LEVINY - Independent


ALISON WATERS - Animal Justice Party


PETER WALKER - Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)


JOHN MUDGE - United Australia Party




KEVIN HOGAN - Nationals






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