Hervey Bay's Bachelorette contestant Mitch Gould.
Hervey Bay's Bachelorette contestant Mitch Gould. Contributed

BAY BACH CONTENDER: 'Timm was not the angel he made out'

It was the "nice guy" Carlin Steritt who won the heart of Angie Kent on the Bachelorette, according to Hervey Bay contender Mitch Gould and the win came as no surprise when he watched the final show.

"We ticked that from the first night that he was the one - as soon as he pulled out the guitar," Mitch said.

Mitch wished the couple well and had nothing but positive words for Carlin.

"I hope they're all good. I hope they're happy," he said.

"He was genuine, he really was. I don't know if he was in it to further his career but he was a really nice guy."

Mitch wasn't so kind in his estimation of Timm Hanly though, saying he was surprised he made it so far in the show, but he expected Angie was unaware of his behind the scenes antics.

"He was not the angel he made out," he said. "He caused so much drama, talked a lot of s**t. Angie wouldn't have heard any of it."

Mitch wouldn't say no to another reality spot but for the moment his life has all but returned to normal. "Not many people notice me," he said. "I have had some people over the last two weeks say, 'you're that guy'."

While he has returned to work with another two years to finish his plumbing apprenticeship he's keeping his toe in the ring.

"I'm talking to a publicist at the moment," he said.

His friends have told him to try for Big Brother but Mitch reckons The Amazing Race "would be alright".

"You never say never again," he said.

"It was a good experience. I met some cool guys, saw behind the scenes. It's something to say you've done."