Coors Crisp Refreshing lager.
Coors Crisp Refreshing lager. Contributed

BEER REVIEW: This American lager is chill for dills

When you have an interest in drinking beer, you soon come across a raft of terms marketers use to convince us all we are not just imbibing a combination of water, malt, hops and yeast.

Double fermented, chill filtered, double hopped, low carb, frost brewed - the list is endless.

Then, when you start to think you have seen it all, along comes a beer claiming something you have never heard of.

For Hugh the Neighbour and me, that moment came last Sunday when we were confronted with a six-pack of Coors Crisp Refreshing Lager.

This is an American beer that is not only frost brewed, cold filtered and cold bottled but also "cold packaged”.

The first three we could kind of work out, but cold packaged - never heard of it.

HTN thought it may have something to do with the beer coming from Colorado and its snow-capped mountains whereas I thought it may have something to do with the approach taken to paying the Mexican immigrants working in the bottling plant.

We discovered it is actually to do with the can itself, part of which changes to a blue colour when the contents is at the appropriately cold temperature for drinking.

In Australia, we have traditionally judged the temperature of a beer by touching the container and rattling around in the Esky for one that is a bit more chilled, but in the US of A, Coors save you this horrendous waste of time and effort.

No wonder they could put a man on the moon.

The beer itself is a pleasant enough European-style lager, crisp and refreshing, perhaps a little sweet in the mouth, and not too much else to talk about.

Still, it was pleasant enough on a hot day, and does save you all that thinking.