Doss Blockos Pale Lager 330mL
Doss Blockos Pale Lager 330mL Contributed

BEER REVIEW: Undressed, this pale lager is spanking good

How often have you been browsing the aisles of your local purveyor of fine wine and beers and been attracted to a product solely on the look of the label?

When you consider that arguably Australia's finest wine, Penfolds Grange, started life with a label that had been done on a typewriter and today still is as plain as a pikestaff, the "good label” method of beverage selection is scarcely better than shutting your eyes and reaching out to grab the first one you touch.

Which brings me to this week's beer. You see, I was taken in by a label.

East 9th Brewing explains itself as "a premium and innovative brewing company. We stand at the forefront of emerging categories and offer consumers quality products and a unique brand experience focussed on lifestyle and ideology”.

Hmm, that's what I thought too.

However, as the stubbies of their Doss Blockos Pale Lager come individually wrapped in a brown paper packet, which, when removed reveals a very strange label showing somebody getting a spanking, I thought "what could go wrong here” and parted with my cash.

When Hugh the Neighbour saw the over-the-top wrapping and weird label, he thought I may have fallen victim to clever marketing and said his expectation of the beer was accordingly modest.

Fortunately, it is not a bad brew. It is a step up from the usual mass-produced lagers in that it has a firm backbone of malt and a nice crisp hoppy bitterness that complements rather than overpowers.

HTN and I both felt it was a very drinkable beer that really delivered value as it is a full-strength beer at under $20 per six-pack at the local Chapel of St Daniels.