The Veronicas in Brisbane.
The Veronicas in Brisbane.

‘Belligerent’ Veronicas kicked off flight

BRISBANE pop sisters The Veronicas have allegedly been kicked off a flight by Federal Police after refusing to follow the directions of frustrated cabin crew.

Agitated passengers on a 10am Brisbane-bound Qantas flight were today forced to wait almost an hour on the tarmac at Sydney Airport as the sisters, Lisa and Jess Origliasso, allegedly refused to place their luggage in an overhead bin and became disruptive.

One passenger, who wanted to be known only as Greg, overheard cabin crew becoming increasingly frustrated with the pair.

"They were just in a belligerent, 'I-refuse-to-do-what-I'm-told-because-I'm-important' load of rubbish," Greg told The Courier-Mail.


Greg said he recognised The Veronicas when they walked past him in the aisle.

"They're not stars, they're C-graders. I recognised them because my daughter liked them, but everyone else was just going, 'What the hell?'"

As time went on, Greg said he and other passengers became impatient.

"They were just being obstructive and not following instructions," he said. "The plane was getting pretty agitated."

Being in business class, Greg said he overheard the cabin crew openly discussing removing them from the flight.

The ordeal finally came to an end when the captain made an announcement, labelling the pair a "security risk" and saying they would be removed by the Australian Federal Police.

"They got marched out, and one of (the sisters) was filming the whole thing."

Others took to social media to confirm the incident, with one Twitter user saying the pair "legit got kicked off a plane because they refused to put their bags up."

In a statement this afternoon, Qantas confirmed that QF516, scheduled to leave at 10am from Sydney Airport, was delayed due to an incident onboard.

"After boarding, two passengers refused to follow crew instructions and were offloaded," the statement said.

Sydney Airport's website states the flight left 40 minutes late.

The duo, who had travelled to Sydney to attend a conference held by motivational speaker Tony Robbins, were allowed to travel to Brisbane on a later flight.

The Courier-Mail has reached out to The Veronicas management and Sony for comment.