LOVE OF FIRE: Aaron Jarvis from Phoenix Brothers Firespinning Group shows off his incredible skills.
LOVE OF FIRE: Aaron Jarvis from Phoenix Brothers Firespinning Group shows off his incredible skills. Warren Lynam

Best mates turn up the heat with fire spinning skills

THESE Phoenix Brothers are turning up the heat on the Coast and you won't want to miss one of their fiery shows.

Best mates Aaron Jarvis and Darren Born joined forces four years ago with a fervour for flames to create their fire spinning duo performances.

What started as a small spark turned into a raging fire with the men wanting to take their act across the Coast.

Aaron said he loved the thrill of fire spinning and the reactions from on-lookers when they performed.

"One of my favourite things is when kids get excited and the whole family comes to watch,” he said.

However, their hobby-turned-business-venture had a deeper meaning for Darren.

"For me it's a good way to keep my depression and anxiety at bay,” he said.

"Fire spinning is great for me to get away from the real world so to speak, and be where I'm happy.”

The Phoenix Brothers (Aaron and Darren) Firespinning Group show their skills on Bulcock Beach.Darren shows his skills.
MASTER: Darren Born from Phoenix Brothers Firespinning Group. Warren Lynam

The men are hoping to show off their spinning skills at private parties and festivals in the future.

Darren believed people would jump at the chance to watch their blazing act.

"You don't see what we do everyday,” he said.

"We get a couple hundred of people watching when we perform on the beach, because it's definitely different and intriguing.”

Despite playing with fire, Aaron said safety was their first priority.

"A lot of people have a misconception that it's super dangerous,” he said.

"Fire naturally is, we've been burnt a few times, it comes with the territory.

"But because we have done it for so long, we are really safety prepared, it's something that's super important to us.”

Yet for those who can't handle the heat, the duo also perform with LED equipment.

"If the fire is too abstract, the LED performances are still something that's really good, but provides a bit more of a safe environment,” Aaron said.

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