BE AWARE: Police warn residents to be aware of scams.
BE AWARE: Police warn residents to be aware of scams. Thinkstock

BEWARE: Police issue warning after officer targeted in scam

SCAMMERS have cited the Mackay Police Station phone number in an effort to part residents with their hard earned cash.

Police issued a warning to residents about a call which used a QPS phone number to add legitimacy to an Australian Taxation Officer (ATO) impersonation scam.

Senior Constable Steve Smith said the flag was raised when an off-duty officer fell asleep after night shift only to be woken by a phone call.

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"The caller claimed to be a member of the Australian Federal Police and advised the off-duty officer that they had 40 minutes to make a payment for an outstanding tax debt of $8,000 or they would be arrested," Snr Const Smith said.

"In an effort to try and authenticate their call, the scammer provided the off duty officer with an alleged contact number.

"This number turned out to be the phone number for the Mackay Police Station which is where the off-duty officer works."

Snr Const Smith said while the scam itself was common, it was unusual for the stammer to be quoting the number of the Mackay Police Station.

Members of the public can learn about scams at

Scams can be reported to