LIVE: Holy Holy will be lifting the roof at Magnums on Friday.
LIVE: Holy Holy will be lifting the roof at Magnums on Friday. JESS BESTON (Tiny Monster)

Big name in Aussie music set to lift Airlie

ONE of Australia's most popular acts, Holy Holy, will be filling the ears and hearts of Airlie Beach on Friday, September 20, as they hit Magnums as part of their 15-date national tour.

Guitarist Oscar Dawson and vocalist Timothy Carroll are exciting to be coming to the Whitsundays, to share their soaring melodies, lush instrumental textures and the beguiling mix of jubilance and melancholy.

The friendship was first forged in Thailand where the pair met teaching English.

"It was pre-internet, so there were no smart phones. We spent our time writing songs, playing our guitars and listening to music together,” Carroll said.

Carroll said he has always loved music, with fond memories of car trips to the beach as a kid with his family, listening to the Blues Brothers soundtrack and Neil Young.

"I used to sing a lot as a kid - sometimes in school, class mates would tell me that I'd just be sitting there singing to myself and I wouldn't even notice,” he said.

The pair linked up again a few years later, after Carroll had spent time working in social work, and Dawson was pursing his own musical dreams - if you were a Triple J listener in the mid 2000s you might be familiar with Dukes of Windsor, with Dawson the lead guitarist.

Carroll said he was "so proud” of his friend at a distance, as he was developing his craft as a songwriter.

The pair reconnected a few years later in Europe, and Holy Holy was born.

Carroll describes making music with Oscar as "easy”.

"We just have this musical chemistry and we just enjoy playing together,” he said.

The band's name, Holy Holy, is inspired from their time in Thailand - Carroll said in the Thai language, when something is very big, you say the word twice, the same for if it is very small.

Are there religious connotations attached to the name? In an abstract way, yes.

"Music at it's best makes you feel something when you're listening to it. That experience can be holy, and that's why you pursue it, to create those moments,” Carroll said.


WHAT: Holy Holy

WHEN: September 20

WHERE: Magnums Hotel

COST: $34.70, head to the Magnums website to purchase tickets.