Bleijie wants toughest restrictions on criminal bikie gangs

ATTORNEY-General Jarrod Bleijie says it is the government's top priority to rid the state of criminal motorcycle gangs once and for all.

Premier Campbell Newman has announced a $5 million war chest to combat the growing problem and has promised hefty rewards for people who dob in bikies to Crime Stoppers.

Mr Bleijie said on Wednesday he was currently in the process of drafting legislation to implement the toughest restrictions on criminal motorcycle gangs in the country and possibly the world.

He said the new legislation would be introduced to State Parliament on October 15 and said he hoped it would be passed as soon as possible.

"Some of those reforms will include the banning of colours being worn in nightclubs, pubs and licensed venues across Queensland," he said.

"It will also include stopping particular criminal motorcycle gangs from congregating in certain areas and prohibiting them from riding in more than a group of three at any time."

Mr Bleijie said the State Government would not be scared off from introducing the tough new legislation.

"They can do whatever they want to change their name or to change their organisation," he said.

"We will find them, we will track them down, we know who they are and we will prosecute each and every one of them under these new laws.

"There are not many guarantees in life, but one would be criminal motorcycle gangs and members of these gangs will try anything to get around any laws.

"If we have to introduce more legislation and more tough laws to combat what the criminal motorcycle gangs are doing to not abide by the law then we will."

Police Minister Jack Dempsey called on Queenslanders to provide whatever information they could to help police rid the state of criminal gangs and thugs.

"These people and their criminal activity have no place on the streets of Queensland," he said.

"No matter how small a piece of information seems, it all helps and could be the final piece of the puzzle for police.

"We are determined to do whatever it takes to rid Queensland of the fear and intimidation these gangs bring to the community.

"They have nowhere to hide."

In a statement, Premier Campbell Newman confirmed the Police Minister and the Attorney-General's office had been in consultation with their interstate colleagues to examine measures that have been taken or are planned in other jurisdictions.