Used syringe laying on the grass at Local Sports Oval in Lismore. Corner Magellan & Brewster St.
Used syringe laying on the grass at Local Sports Oval in Lismore. Corner Magellan & Brewster St. Contributed Muay Thai Media

Blood-filled syringe found on junior sports ground



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A BLOOD-FILLED syringe was found on a Lismore oval heavily used by junior sport players.

MuaythaiMedia tweeted a photo of the uncapped syringe found on Blair Oval on Wednesday, a popular venue for junior cricket and soccer.

The syringe was nestled in grass on the corner of Brewster and Magellan streets, within 200 metres of a sharps disposal bin at the Brewster St recycling station.

Lismore District Cricket Association secretary Matt Wilson said in more than 20 years of playing cricket in the region he hadn't seen or heard of any players finding, or being injured by syringes.

Mr Wilson said the syringe wouldn't have posed a threat to junior or senior sports.

"As part of the insurance requirements the captains or coaches do a walk of the field to look for hazards," he said.

"I guess syringes are one of those hazards but it's not the sort of thing you come across very often."

Northern NSW Local Health District manager of HIV and related programs, Jenny Heslop, said it was rare to contract diseases through discarded syringes.

"Although many people are concerned about contracting HIV from inappropriately discarded needles, there has never been a reported case of a member of the public contracting HIV through a discarded needle in the community," she said.

"However, should a needle stick injury occur, please contact your local doctor or hospital for further information and assessment as soon as possible."

A Lismore City Council spokeswoman said staff received one or two reports a month of syringes being found at council ovals and parks.

"We can see that a lot of the syringes are obviously for personal medical use and we are aware that many people are just trying to recycle right," said Kevin Trustum, the council's waste operations coordinator.

"What we need people to understand is that sharps are one of the few things that cannot be recycled."

Sharps disposal locations

  • Lismore Base Hospital
  • Brewster St recycling station
  • Wyrallah Rd recycling and recovery centre
  • Any CBD pharmacy
  • Priceline, Lismore Shopping Square
  • Southside Pharmacy
  • Terry White Chemist, Lismore Central
  • Nimbin, Casino, Ballina, Byron Bay and Mullumbimby hospitals