South Burnett Regional Council have approved the final set of conditions for the Boondooma quarry.
South Burnett Regional Council have approved the final set of conditions for the Boondooma quarry. Cathy Adams

Boondooma quarry clears hurdle despite councillor objection

SOUTH Burnett Regional Council has approved changes to the Boondooma quarry application.

The council signed off on the material change of use for the Boondooma quarry, proposed to be located at 1551 Manar Rd, during the December general meeting on December 12.

General manager Peter O'May said they were getting the process down to the final set of conditions for approval.

"It's a process through development to get through the final approval," he said.

Mining company Sabre Resources was approved by the council to build the quarry on June 13 this year.

Six public submissions had been received in objection to the original development application, after the approval.

The applicant mining company Sabre Resources has requested minor wording changes to the amended road upgrading condition, and the deletion of the keeping of records and maintenance conditions.

Sabre Resources suggested alternative trigger levels for when road upgrades to Manar Rd are required.

They suggested roadworks would be required prior to extraction of more than 100,000 tonnes per annum averaged over three consecutive annual periods, rather than two years.

This would be a maximum of 150,000 tonnes in any one year, or 300 truckloads in any one calendar week over three consecutive years.

They proposed grading of the haul route should happen annually, or at such intervals necessary to ensure damage to the pavement surfaces is maintained.

Any roadworks required prior to the extraction of more than 350,000 tonnes per annum, averaged over three years, would include gravel re-sheeting along the haul route and upgrading existing floodways to a minimum width of eight metres.

They also suggested any roadworks required prior to any extraction of more than 500,000 tonnes in any one year, should include providing a bitumen sealed gravel pavement.

Not all councillors agreed with the application, with the resolution carried 5-2.

Councillor Kathy Duff said she would not support the application.

"I'll be getting phone calls saying the road needs work," she said.

The activities associated with the quarry, including haulage, will only be permitted from 6am to 6pm on Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturday.

The approved haul route is from the quarry access along Manar Rd to Mundubbera-Durong Rd.