Bowen's Big Mango turned maroon on Thursday night to celebrate Queensland Day.
Bowen's Big Mango turned maroon on Thursday night to celebrate Queensland Day. Jordan Gilliland

Bowen icon turns maroon

WHAT's more Queensland than a big mango, the colour maroon and a State of Origin win?

Not much according to the team at the Bowen Big Mango who have turned the iconic landmark maroon to celebrate Queensland Day.

Queensland Day is an annual celebration of Queensland's separation from New South Wales to become an independent colony in 1859.

To mark the 160 year anniversary of the separation, a number of landmarks across Queensland turned maroon in celebration, including the iconic Big Mango.

Although the colour change may have seemed planned from the start, Bowen Tourism and Business sales and marketing co-ordinator Mary Gallagher said that the maroon coloured change of heart took a little last minute ingenuity.

"We had originally planned to just make social media magic and turn our mango maroon online," Mrs Gallagher said.

"On the morning of Queensland Day we realised there had been a bit of a miscommunication and in a press release from the Queensland Premier's office it said that we were lighting up the mango in maroon."

Not one to shy away from a challenge, and ready to share a bit of Queensland pride in real life, Mrs Gallagher quickly sourced some flood lights and the correct coloured filters to turn the mango maroon.

"I thought 'hey we're Queenslanders and we have a can do anything spirit to us, let's get this mango lit up," Mrs Gallagher said.

"I had some help from Steve at Airlie Beach Music Centre who pointed me in the right direction to undertake lighting the mango.

"I think in the end we got it looking pretty good. We're very pleased with the result.

Although a coincidence that Queensland Day fell on the day after a State of Origin win, Mrs Gallagher said it was fitting to drape maroon on one of the state's iconic landmarks.

"It was just meant to be a Queensland origin win I guess," she said.

The mango will be lit up again on Friday, June 7 for local residents and tourists alike to enjoy.