GRINNING WINNERS: Whitsunday Brahmans team dominated at the Bowen 10s competition on the weekend.
GRINNING WINNERS: Whitsunday Brahmans team dominated at the Bowen 10s competition on the weekend.

Brahmans win Bowen 10s

THE Whitsunday Brahmans a strong lead in to this weekend's grand-final rematch after returning from the annual Bowen 10s competition victorious.

The Brahmans boasted a perfect record throughout the tournament on their way to 16-0 win in the final over the Burdekin Young Bucks.

Ten players a side made for a tenfold of action on Saturday, with this year's carnival taking place at Denison Park.

Teams from across the region converged on Bowen, treating fans to a beautiful days worth of rugby league action.

And none would leave disappointed ... despite a lack of home team success to cheer about.

The Brahman's were the only side the feisty Young Bucks would lose to all day, playing a solid tournament to finish runners up.

Brahman's coach Sam Key said the team took to the green for the first match at 9am and only left after the last match nearly nine hours later.

"It was a long day, we took 20 guys up and interchanged through one team,” he said.

A total of five games proved a "good showing” for the Brahmans which Key hoped would put the team in good stead and draw the attention of Bowen players who would normally travel north to Townsville to play.

"We are a Whitsundays team and we hopefully sparked interest from players not currently playing or playing in the Burdekin comp who don't want to travel too far,” he said.

Key also expressed he was impressed with his team and committee's commitment and attitude on the day.

"It wasn't the most intense football but it was a great team building day.

"Well done to team and committee members who came and supported throughout the day.”

The day was somewhat gloomier for the Bowen sides however, with both the Bowen Bus Boys and Bowen Wolfpack combining for just the one win between them.

But everyone was a winner where it mattered most, with the day raising $6000 which will go to towards funding junior rugby league in the community.

This was on top of a further $1100 which was raised after the event, with six people participating in a special Shave for a Cure fundraiser at the Grand View Hotel for The money raised will go to Burdekin local girl Keely Johnson as she recovers from brain surgery.

Key organiser of the event Craig Snell, who was one of six to shave his head, said it was a great day that lived up to its reputation.

"It was a good turnout, everyone was really vocal and gave their support. It was a great day,” he said.

The Brahman's will kick off this year's season with a home ground match against West Tigers on Saturday at 5pm on Les Stagg oval topped off with a fireworks display for the whole family to enjoy.