Brandis gets backing to keep terrorists in jail

THE states and territories have reacted positively to the Federal Government's push to keep convicted terrorists in jail after they have served their sentences.

There was agreement from the leaders in Canberra Friday to Attorney-General George Brandis's plan to continue detention of convicted terrorists considered high risk for as long as three years at a time.

"We are determined to ensure our laws are written in such a way to ensure we are best placed to keep the community safe, while always maintaining the appropriate balance between community safety and traditional legal protections," Senator Brandis said.

The level of risk will be decided by the Supreme Court in the respective state or territory and can be renewed indefinitely.

A person to whom the order applies may initiate at any time a review on the basis of changed facts. As it stands there are 13 people in prison who could be subject to the provisions with 23 charged and awaiting trial it could also apply to.