Independent candidate for Rockhampton Magaret Strelow.
Independent candidate for Rockhampton Magaret Strelow. Allan Reinikka ROK061117astrelow

BREAKING: Strelow out in Rocky election bombshell

3.15PM: THE Morning Bulletin understands Margaret Strelow is out of the running to win the seat of Rockhampton.

LNP preferences have flowed strongly to One Nation's Wade Rothery meaning it's now between Pauline Hanson's man and Labor's Barry O'Rourke.

Ms Strelow has just posted on Facebook that she expects Mr O'Rourke to win the seat from here.

Sources have told The Morning Bulletin just under 60% of the LNP's 5170 votes went to Mr Rothery.

The LNP had directed preferences to One Nation.

Ms Strelow, who had a primary vote lead of just over 700 votes, had about 27% of LNP preferences and 15% went to the ALP (possibly a donkey vote element with Mr Rodgers at number 1 and Mr O'Rourke at number 2 on the vote card).

"I expect the seat will go to Labor," Ms Strelow said on social media.

"LNP swapped preferences with One Nation and about half of LNP voters followed the card.

"This will wipe out my lead.

"Thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement over the past few weeks.

"Once the poll is formally declared I will happily return to my role as mayor."

It's expected Ms Strelow's preferences will be counted tomorrow, with a new member declared shortly after.