Man artist’s impression of a measles virus cell.
Man artist’s impression of a measles virus cell.

Southeast QLD measles alert

QUEENSLAND Health has been notified of a diagnosed case of measles on Brisbane's south.

The child visited a number of locations whilst unknowingly infectious.

Metro South Health (MSH) public health physician Dr Bhakti Vasant said residents in the Brisbane and Logan areas in particular needed to be alert for symptoms.

People who may have come into contact with the child who are uncertain of their immunity to measles should speak to their GP immediately.

Locations the child visited while infectious are as follows:

Thai Airways International flight TG 316 Delhi to Bangkok (departure 11:30pm, May 21, arrival 5:25am, May 22, 2018)

Thai Airways International flight TG 477 Bangkok to Brisbane (departure 9:00am, May 22, arrival 7:50pm, May 22)

Brisbane International Airport in the arrivals or baggage claim areas on Tuesday, May 22 from 7:50pm to 9:45pm

Target at the Springwood Shopping Mall on Friday, May 25, between 2pm and 5pm

Logan Emergency Department waiting room from 10pm, Thursday, May 24, to 1:45am, Friday, May 25

Logan Emergency Department ambulance bays Saturday May 26, from 6-7 pm.