A broken beer bottle was used to force a man inside during a violent home invasion.
A broken beer bottle was used to force a man inside during a violent home invasion.

Brothers’ remorse after violent home invasion

RESIDENTS were threatened with a knife and a broken bottle when two brothers intent on stealing money broke into a Coast home.

Maroochydore District Court heard Felise Loau, 23, and Jedidiah Ietitaia Motu, 22, entered a Golden Beach home on the night of February 20, 2019, with the intent to steal money.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack said Motu jumped the fence of the home and knocked a male resident to the ground before demanding money.

"He then forced that complainant inside while holding a broken beer bottle," Mr Slack said.

"Mr Loau intercepted another complainant who was running towards the front fence. He took him inside and took possession of the complainant's mobile phone.

"Mr Loau had dragged him inside by the throat and he eventually forced all three complainants onto the floor of the lounge room."

The court heard a woman accompanying the brothers passed Motu a knife and he threatened the residents with it.

"While that was occurring, Mr Loau searched the house and stole a number of electronic and household items … " Mr Slack said.

Motu asked one of the men to transfer him $500 and he later withdrew the cash at an ATM.

The court heard Motu told the residents "no cops or we'll come back".

Mr Slack said it was a "premeditated violent home invasion" and two women who accompanied the brothers had been at the Golden Beach home on the day prior.

At Maroochydore District Court on Tuesday, Loau and Motu both pleaded guilty to one count of enter dwelling with intent at night while armed/in company and three counts of robbery while armed in company.

The brothers had spent 14 months and eight days in pre-sentence custody.

Loau previously served actual prison time for two police chases.

The court heard he began spending time with a "poor crowd" after his two children moved to the Cook Islands with their mother.

"I'm a changed man, I'm changing," Loau told judge Glen Cash.

He was given thee years' probation and three-and-a-half years' imprisonment, suspended immediately for four years.

Mr Cash considered Motu was "more of a leader" in the home invasion but had no relevant criminal history.

"Your honour, I know what I did was stupid," Motu said.

He was sentenced to four years' imprisonment, suspended immediately for four years.