A feral pig feeding. Picture: Emma Birnbaum.
A feral pig feeding. Picture: Emma Birnbaum.

Burdekin candidate vows to end use of dogs in pig hunting

THE Animal Justice Party candidate for the seat of Burdekin has promised to shut down animal circuses and ban greyhound racing and pig hunting with dogs if she is elected.

Wildlife carer Dominique Thiriet has lived in the district for more than 12 years and has a background in science, law and education.

She said the upcoming election was an opportunity to make Queensland a "better place, one that is more respectful of nature and all living beings".

"If elected, I will introduce new laws to strengthen animal protection," Ms Thiriet said.

"This will involve recognising that animals are sentient beings, and removing the loopholes that allow millions of farmed animals to be subjected to appallingly cruel practices in the name of profit.

"Pig hunting with dogs, and any form of entertainment that relies on the exploitation of animals such as rodeos, circuses, and zoos as well as greyhound and horse racing should also be banned, as they no longer reflect modern society's values."

Animal Justice Party candidate for Burdekin Dominique Thiriet.
Animal Justice Party candidate for Burdekin Dominique Thiriet.

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She will support legislation to put an end to land clearing and has pledged to help farmers transition to more sustainable practices.

Ms Thiriet said she would advocate for a fast tracked transition from coal to renewables.

"While coal mining has historically contributed to the prosperity of the region, we must ramp up our transition to clean renewable energy and ensure that the mining workforce is retrained and redeployed into the renewable sector," she said.

Ms Thiriet would like to see subsidies for the resources sector reallocated to support community organisations dedicated to the arts, culture and the environment.

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