Shot curlew released back into the wild

IN LATE April a local bush-stone curlew shot with an arrow made headlines across the world.  

Seven weeks later - on Tuesday morning - the bird was released back into the wild by the members of the Whitsunday Fauna Rescue Service.  

Diane Jessop of the service, cared for the bird for two weeks, administered antibiotics and washed the wound twice a day before it was transferred to a flight aviary.  

Ms Jessop said it was "always a buzz when you release something back into the wild".  

"It took off and ran over to have a 'conversation' with the other birds," she said.  

As much as the original story disgusted Whitsunday residents in April, the recovery and release of the bird has united Facebook users - all expressing their joy about the bird's release and appreciation for the work of the rescue service.

Ms Jessop said the service was always looking for new volunteers.

To become involved with the Whitsunday Fauna Rescue Service call the 24-hour hotline on 4947 3389.