PRESELECTED: Greens candidate for Cowper Lauren Edwards.
PRESELECTED: Greens candidate for Cowper Lauren Edwards. .

Campaigning on climate action and social equality

ALLIED health professional Lauren Edwards will stand for The Greens in Cowper at the Federal election in May, announcing a platform of climate action and social equality.

Ms Edwards said politicians need to address the real day-to-day struggle that people face with the rising cost of living.

"We know that Australians receiving low and middle income levels are the most vulnerable to the extremes of a system under stress," Ms Edwards said.

"High electricity and grocery prices will hit the least well off first and hardest.

"Without greater equity we can expect that homelessness rates will continue to rise and be felt even within middle income Australia."

She said climate action was a pressing election issue.

"The Greens are the only party who understand, and are willing to act to stop the climate breakdown and ecological collapse that we are currently staring down.

"Unless we pull our heads out of the sand our kids will be facing the harsh future of unthinkable burden and cost.

"I have a family and I want my own, and all our children to have a future free from worsening droughts, extreme heatwaves, super storms and food insecurity.

"We need strong political leadership to deal with our rapidly changing climate.

"To transition to a low carbon economy, we must say no to Adani and we need a hefty jobs investment in sectors that can drive and deliver real climate change prevention and solutions"

She said The Greens have a Federal Housing Trust plan to build 500,000 new homes to ease the shortfall of quality homes for over a million people.