GREAT TIME: Many of the Cannonvale Cannons swimmers who competed in last Saturday's club championships. It was a great effort by all competitors and some excellent results.
GREAT TIME: Many of the Cannonvale Cannons swimmers who competed in last Saturday's club championships. It was a great effort by all competitors and some excellent results.

Cannons excel at club championship

SWIMMING: Fifty-five Cannonvale Cannons participated in the last official club night for the season and then backed it up by competing at the club championships on Saturday afternoon.

Despite a few hitches like late nominations and glitches with technology on Wednesday and a power outage on Saturday, the events were very successful.

The club would like to thank all the wonderful parents who helped with officiating, catering, records, managing and supporting their children.

Club night highlights include:

Blake Lovelock, Tane Dennison, Jack Moir and Jy Parkinson all performed extremely well, achieving three or four personal best times. Oliver Dart, aged 11 years, swam an 8.82 sec PB in his 25m freestyle and a 5.98 sec PB in his 25m backstroke. Oliver's sister Ave, aged seven, swam an awesome 12m freestyle in 15.83 sec (a 2.7 sec PB). Jai Dennison swam an excellent 25m breaststroke in 26.51 sec (a 4.47 sec PB). Lachlan Holyrod, Lily Maher and Lily Moir swam very well and achieved two personal best times.

The club would like to commend the following swimmers who achieved one PB on March 13: Don Algie, Hayden Bradley, Olivia Bradley, Skye Brodhurst, Oliver and Isabella Carman, Mae Carter-Attwood, Kendra and Libby Crisp, Mikhaila Flint, Thomas Ganter, Rohan and Rory Gascoyne, Luke and Tyler Greenhill, Gus Hedges, Nelson Malady, Matilda Nicholes, Kimba-Lee Simmonds, Gretel and Milly Wright and Kain Zacher.

Club championships highlights:

The coaches were super impressed with Isabella Carman, Ashlin and Atiria Styles swimming their first 200m IM. All three girls tried very hard and made the gruelling swim with a smile.

Young guns Hadley Bradley and Nelson Malady had some very close tussles. They both swam 100m IM for the first time and did a top job.

Mikhaila Flint, Jy Parkinson and Jacob Dewis all swam extremely well on Saturday. One of the highlights was their 100m freestyle, which they all did in less than one minute. Teammate Eden Hedges was so close to breaking a minute but couldn't crack it. She swam 1.00.03.

The under-seven age group was hotly contested. All the swimmers tried their best and had fun. Well done to: Don Algie, Amber Benson, Hayden Bradley, Jasmine Brodhurst, Eve Carter-Attwood, Jax Clayworth, Rory Gascoyne, Maisie Goswell, Luke Greenhill, James Holroyd, Abigeal Maher, Nelson Malady, Matilda Nicholes, Tali Stielow, Gretel and Milly Wright.

In the eight-year-old age group, Lachlan Holroyd and Skye Brodhurst both swam extremely well, winning most of their events. Oliver Carman, Lucas Purdie and Olivia Bradley both swam well and achieved second and third placings in their age group. Scarlett Gascoyne swam a super time in her 25m breaststroke to take out first place in 30.62 sec.

Austin Edwards-Bland and Lily Maher swam very well in the nine-year-old division and won all their swims.

Tiana Bell and Jai Dennison swam fantastic times to win the 10-year-old division. Isaac Benson, aged 10 years, took out second place in all his events.

The 11- and 12-year age groups were very competitive. Mae Carter-Attwood, Jacob Bell Zavier Goswell and Alexis Zacher not only achieved personal best times in most of their swims but took first place for most of their swims. Rohan Gascoyne swam a 7.6 sec PB in his 50m breaststroke. Blake Hanks won his 50m butterfly with a 2.8 sec PB and achieved two thirds and one second place.

Remy Hedges, Mitchell Milostic and Kaia Heffernan achieved second and third placings in their age group and achieved personal best times in most of their events.

Tane Dennison swam extremely well, achieving four personal best times. One of his best swims was his 200m IM, which he swam in 3.16.85 (a 19.7 sec PB).

Holly Perrin, Atiria Styles and Tyler Greenhill swam very well in their first club championships. Juke Ferguson took out second place and Tom Stielow took out third place in the boys' 12-year age group.

The club would also like to commend all the senior swimmers who achieved top placings in their age groups: Matilda Dennison, Rylee Erickson, Orry Ferguson, Tegan Hanks, Gus Hedges, Kimba-Lee Simmonds, Jakarra Heffernan and Kain Zacher. Congratulations to all the swimmers.

The Cannonvale Cannons Swimming Club will host its annual presentation night on April 27 to acknowledge the efforts of swimmers.