A new sign that's been put up at Kawana Shoppingworld.
A new sign that's been put up at Kawana Shoppingworld.

Centre car parking chaos sparks security checks, hefty fines

A PROMINENT shopping centre has posted up new signs with strong warnings in response to a surge of people using car parks who are not going to the shops.

Kawana Shoppingworld has put up vivid warning signs advising its car parks are for "customer parking only".

The sign makes it clear "others will be towed away" with a maximum penalty of $350.

This is the first time in the centre's nearly 40-year history it has had to print such strong warnings.

The centre has 1900 car parks which are offered free of charge.

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A centre spokeswoman said the new parking sign was a result of people leaving their cars in parks all day.

"The new sign responds to an increasing number of reported incidents from both our customers and retailers, where members of the public who were not customers of Kawana Shoppingworld were taking advantage of the car park by leaving their cars at the centre throughout the day," a spokeswoman said.

"As well as the new parking regulations, we have also increased security checks in the car park to ensure our customers and retailers can easily access the centre."

Nearby resident Sandra Mackenzie, who shopped at the centre each week, hadn't noticed a shortage of parking.

"I automatically go up to the top deck and I always get a park."