Central Queensland NRL Bid chairman Geoff Murphy
Central Queensland NRL Bid chairman Geoff Murphy Chris Ison

Chairman defends CQ NRL bid

"IGNORANT, rude, selfish and dismissive."

Central Queensland NRL Bid chairman Geoff Murphy said these are some of the words being thrown around to describe a proposal for a third NRL club for south east Queensland.

Murphy got fired up in defence of  the CQ NRL Bid, which was launched in 2009, which he said he believed was the most feasible option for a new Queensland team.

"I just can't understand how parties with vested interests can make so called informed comments about TV ratings and public perceptions of a very complex and crowded sports media market without any evidence to back up these outlandish statements," Murphy said.

He said if facts are what people were looking for about the bid, facts were what they would get.

"The CQ NRL Bid has a report compiled by a leading national sports media consultant who absolutely debunks the so-called need for a third NRL club in south east Queensland and in fact details the serious detrimental consequences to the game and its current participants of any such implementation.

"I am prepared to release elements of this report to prove once and for all that CQ has the ability, the avid rugby league population, the will and most of all the means to establish a very viable and successful NRL club in CQ that will not impinge on the current NRL Club structure and that will add significantly to the NRL, and its media partners.

"I am more than a little annoyed that elements in the south east of our state can even suggest a third NRL club when a region like CQ that provides so much of the state's wealth and prosperity and has remained loyal to the wonderful game of Rugby League for over 100 years is not considered in some commentary," he said.