INSPIRATION: Matt Golinski
INSPIRATION: Matt Golinski Jane Wishaw

Celebrity chef Matt Golinski to share his story on Bribie

IF SHED meetings are about helping men get through tough times then there is possibly no more appropriate guest than celebrity chef Matt Golinski.

The highly regarded Aussie chef has had a long and difficult recovery from the house fire that claimed his wife and three children on Boxing Day 2011.

Mr Golinski will be sharing the story with attendees of Shed Happens Bribie Island on Monday in an attempt to help to make tough times a little easier.

"It will be about my journey of recovery... my own experience of how I've gotten through the last couple of years and the things that I've done to get there," he said.

"When people are going through the same sort of things they feel more comfortable talking to one another.

"If I can help a few people to give them some hope, then that's time well spent."

Mr Golinski said it was critical to set goals and concentrate on the things he was able to control.

"When it comes down to that situation you've got two choices. You can either give up, or carry on," he said.

"As far as I'm concerned there was only one choice for me.

"I had a lot of people that loved me and were caring for me and looked after me.

"I didn't want to forsake that sort of care, that sort of love that I was being given."

After many hours of painful physiotherapy, and a growing obsession with fitness, Mr Golinski is continuing to forge ahead with his recovery.

He's cooking more, running up Mt Cooroora almost daily, writing for several publications and exploring food in the Gympie region.

Mr Golinski met with surgeons earlier this week to see whether he was ready to undergo surgery to fix his badly calcified elbows. Shed Happens organiser Noel Gallagher has been known to brag about the quality of the burgers at shed meetings.

News of the dish hadn't reached Mr Golinski, who said he wouldn't be donning the chef's hat for the night.

"I haven't heard about that but I normally do get roped into this sort of thing," he joked.

"I get invites to things and then as soon as I show up I get handed the tongs."


What: Matt Golinski at Shed Happens Bribie Island

Where: Warrigals Rugby League Club, First Ave, Bongaree

When: Monday, March 10, 6-8.30pm

Cost: $10 donation includes barbecue

RSVP: Noel Gallagher, 3408 0994