Dawson MP George Christensen has returned fire after Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s sensational claim about his relationship with the Prime Minister.

In a major foreign policy speech to the Perth USAsia Centre on Wednesday morning, Mr Albanese claimed Scott Morrison is “afraid” of Mr Christensen and fellow MP Craig Kelly.

“Recently, unlike most world leaders, Scott Morrison refused to disavow President Trump’s incitement of the storming of the Capitol,” Mr Albanese said.

“He remains afraid of the far-right extremist fringe dwellers who make up the bedrock of his personal support – and who he cultivates through the avatars of Trumpists and conspiracy theorists like Craig Kelly and George Christensen.

“The fact that George Christensen is the Chair of Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment and other self-appointed international spokespeople like Andrew Hastie have been promoted, (it) has facilitated them filling the vacuum left by an absent Foreign Minister.”

Dawson MP George Christensen. Picture: Matt Taylor.
Dawson MP George Christensen. Picture: Matt Taylor.

Mr Christensen noted the comments “say a lot” about where the Labor leader’s focus was at.

“While Scott Morrison is out in Western Queensland checking on how the drought and flood recovery is going, the Labor leader is making baseless and pointless claims and talking about the US election,” he said.

Mr Albanese’s speech also discussed how the government’s public call for an international inquiry into the outbreak of COVID-19 was, in his opinion, the wrong move.

“It burned capital with a poorly managed call for an inquiry, which was always going to take place,” his speech read.

“A key task for Australia will be ensuring any settling point that is reached between the two powers will take account of the interests of the countries of the Indo-Pacific.”

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Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese: Picture: Newscorp – Sunday Telegraph / Gaye Gerard
Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese: Picture: Newscorp – Sunday Telegraph / Gaye Gerard

Labor has been calling on the Federal Government to address Australia’s relationship with China for months.

On Wednesday morning, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed coal ships remained stuck off China’s coast.

Ms Palaszczuk told reporters she would be happy to raise the ongoing issue at National Cabinet this Friday.

“There are still coal ships off China,” she said.

“Those diplomatic negotiations are between the Australian Government and Chinese Government.

“We are very concerned it could have long-term impacts on Queensland jobs.”

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