Tony Abbott... looking vulnerable in the latest polls.
Tony Abbott... looking vulnerable in the latest polls. Peter Holt

Coalition facing 36-seat wipeout, according to new poll

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott's leadership and government is under new pressure as new polling shows the Coalition could face a devastating 36-seat loss.

New polling from Fairfax-Ipsos suggests the Coalition would have been wiped out at the ballot box, had an election been held on the weekend, following a 7.5% swing.

The horror results, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, follow a disastrous week in Canberra for Abbott and the Coalition.

T the same-sex marriage debate put them on the wrong side of public opinion and led to public bickering between frontbenchers.

But it was not the only fire the Prime Minister had to grapple as a Royal Commission into union corruption was thrown into chaos after its commissioner earned top billing for an upcoming Liberal Party Fundraiser.

All this against the background of former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop's entitlements scandal.

The poll in Sydney Morning Herald puts the government eight points behind Labor on 46/54.

Mr Abbott's leadership also suffered a blow in the poll which put Malcolm Turnbull as preferred leader and Prime Minister on 41% to Julie Bishop on 23% and Abbott on just 15%.

Coalition voters however still favour Abbott over Turnbull.