Mackay musician Luke Miller has released a new video called Letting Go.
Mackay musician Luke Miller has released a new video called Letting Go. Emma Murray

How Mackay rocker's video is making waves with Trump fans

LUKE Miller is a familiar name around the Mackay pub and club scene, but now he could be about to find popularity in the United States.

The musician recently released a song and corresponding video that are getting more attention than anything else he has released.

It has been up for just over a week but Letting Go already has more than 13,000 views on YouTube.

The song, which Miller wrote, has a controversial edge. He describes the song as an ode to people's beliefs.

"Basically, the inspiration was just about letting go and not caring what people might think of you for being yourself," he said.

Hashtags like #Trump2020 and #conservative and #liberal are bringing some success.

"I think the political angle is why it is getting so much traction ... I have never had a reaction like that to one of my original songs before," Miller said.

He said he encouraged people to believe whatever they wanted to.

"The name of the song kind of says it all ... it's like letting go and not caring what other people might think of you for being yourself.

"It is a little bit political in the sense that we are encouraging people to support whatever they wish to support and to not be afraid of what other people are going to think of you. If you believe in something then you just go for it.

"The vision behind the video was that we wanted to do a little bit of cheesiness, like a little bit of satire. The video is paying itself out, we are trying to be a little bit stupid and silly ... we are not taking ourselves seriously," he said.

Miller plans to debut the song at the annual Mackay Beer and BBQ Festival on Saturday week and despite the political matter thinks the song will be well received.

The video was filmed by a long-time friend, local creative Manny Cole from Chant Studios, who was recently nominated for a QMA award for his film and video work.

The video is a mashup of bright colours, rock music, cheerleaders and generally people having a rad time.

"We were very lucky to get local people involved just by putting up Facebook posts,'' Miller said. "The people that did help were just so happy and supportive and happy to be a part of it.''