The LNP’s Jason Costigan.
The LNP’s Jason Costigan.

Costigan holds narrow lead over Taha in Whitsunday seat

LNP candidate Jason Costigan holds a narrow lead in his battle to regain the state seat of Whitsunday.

Mr Costigan had 12,321 votes late yesterday, just 163 ahead of his Labor opponent Bronwyn Taha.

Mr Costigan said he is quietly confident that Whitsunday will remain blue and gold.

"Without jumping the gun, it's looking positive at the moment. While we sit tight I'd like to take the opportunity to thank my many supporters from far and wide, especially those who turned up on polling day. Some of them copped a lot of crap from Labor and their mates in the unions and even the Greens, stuff that was utterly appalling," Mr Costigan said.

"As for our people, some of them deserve a medal and they know who they are. I could not be more proud."

Mrs Taha said it was huge waiting game at the moment.

"It's in the hands of the ECQ now. I've been staying right out of the outcome process. It's best to wait and see and keep looking at what the results are," Mrs Taha said.

"I'd like to thank everybody who supported me throughout the campaign and everybody who voted for me. It really does go to show that people were very angry with the Newman government."