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Sarah Olson

Criminal defence lawyer released on bail

A CRIMINAL defence lawyer has appeared in a Brisbane court today charged with perjury and three counts of making a false verified statement.

Shaune Irving, 38, was arrested by officers of the Crime and Corruption Commission on Friday afternoon and kept in Brisbane Watchhouse overnight.

Irving, who heads the Ipswich office of Maloney MacCullum Abdelshahied Lawyers, is charged with perjury, for allegedly giving false testimony at a CCC hearing in January.

He also is charged with three counts of making a false verified statement, in June, July and August, last year.

It is alleged Irving falsely stated a woman was driving his Mercedes Benz when it was booked for speeding last year.

Irving was allowed to be released on bail today, but only because he could not travel overseas due to international travel bans because of the coronavirus.

Brisbane Magistrate Suzette Coates initially told Irving's barrister, Angus Edwards, that he would not be released from the Brisbane Watchhouse before Monday.

Ms Coates allowed Irving bail on conditions that he surrender his passport, not leave Queensland, reside at his Ipswich home address and not have any contact with a female witness in the case.

However, when told Irving did not have his passport with him, Ms Coates said his solicitor would have to get it and Irving could not be released until Monday.



Lawyer Shaune Irving leaves Brisbane Watch House. Picture: Supplied
Lawyer Shaune Irving leaves Brisbane Watch House. Picture: Supplied


Ms Coates said they were serious charges and it was normal for someone to have to surrender their passport before they could be released.

"I'm not applying any special conditions because he happens to be a solicitor," Ms Coates said.

"People who are on the roll as practising solicitors get the same ... decision as other people do in the general public."

But after barrister Angus Edwards pointed out a passport was irrelevant because there was no capacity to travel overseas, Ms Coates changed her mind.

She allowed Irving to be released, on condition he surrender his passport by Monday afternoon.

Irving's solicitor Daniel Hannay said outside court the charges would be strongly denied.

Mr Hannay criticised the CCC, saying it should be "ashamed" in relation to the arrest.

"An arrest warrant was signed Thursday morning. Police waited until Friday afternoon, when they couldn't get Mr Irving before a court, to arrest him," Mr Hannay said.

Police then did not oppose bail.

"I'm of the view it was a ploy by the CCC to have him kept in overnight," Mr Hannay said.

"There is no other reason to delay the arrest, in circumstances where they had the arrest warrant over 24 hours prior and waited until Friday afternoon, when there was no magistrate to hear it."

Mr Hannay said it was alleged Irving had got someone else to take a point for speeding, instead of it being on his driver's licence.

He said the perjury charge was "doomed to fail".

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